Thursday, 29 October 2009

False friends

Pilot - not "piloto de Fórmula 1" (driver); someone who operates the controls of an aircraft or spacecraft;
To attend - not "atender" (answer); be present at an event such as a meeting or a class;
To pretend - not "pretender" (intend); to behave as if something is true when in fact you know it is not; in order to deceive people or for fun;
Sensible - not "sensível" (sensitive); reasonable, pratical and showing good judgment;
Actually - not "atualmente" (currently); in fact; really; in reality;
College - not "colégio" (school); university
To assign - not "assinar" (sign); to choose or decide on, or give a particular job or responsability to someone.

False Friends

These are the False friends that Danuza’s FCE class gathered, and we hope these are of any help to you

Pretendnot “Pretender” (intend). Pretend is to “fingir” (fool somebody)

Eventually – This adverb means finnaly / as a consequence, and not, in Portuguese "Eventualmente” (Occasionaly).

Compass – not “Compasso” (Compasses). It is a device for finding direction and that always points to magnetic north.

Dent – not “Dente” (tooth). A small hollow mark in the surface of something, caused by pressure or by being hit.

Ex: A dent in the door of a car

Intoxication – not “Intoxicação” (poisoning). Something that can get you drunk, or really happy.

Fabric – not “Fábrica" (Factory). A cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers; The texture or quality of such cloth.

College – not "Colégio” (high school). Any place for specialized education after the age of 16 where people study or train to get knowledge and/or skills; University

Customs – not “Costumes” (Traditions). A section in the airport whose job is to look inside traveller’s bags to make certain they are not taking goods in a country without paying taxes

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

False Friends

Collar- not ''cordão'';it really means ''gola de camisa''

not ''condescendente'';it means treating someone as if you are better or more important than them.''I hate he way he's so condescending to his staff''.

Actually- not ''atualmente''.It means in fact or really.''So what actually happened?''

Ordinary- not ''ordinário''.It means not different or special or unexpected in anyway;usual.''Readers of the magazine said they wanted more stories about ordinary people and fewer stories about rich and famous''.

Compromise- not ''compromisso''(commitment).It really means ''entrar em acordo''

Lunch- not ''lanche''(snack);it means ''almoço''

Pretend- not ''pretender''; it means to behave as if something is true when you know it's not:''He pretended (that) he didn't mind,but I knew that he did''

Novel- not ''novela'',it means ''romance''(livro)

Exquisite- not ''esquisito'';it means beautiful and well done

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

False Friends

inhabitable - not "inabitável" (uninhabitable); it means habitável.
ingenuous - not "ingênuo" (naive); it means engenhoso.
library - not "livraria" (bookstore); it means biblioteca.
scholar - not "escolar" (school); it means erudito.
comprehensive - not "compreensivo" (understanding); it means abrangente, amplo, extenso.
eventually - not "eventualmente" (ocasionally); it means finalmente, conseqüentemente.
injury - not "injúria" (insult); it means ferimento, lesão.
pretend - not "pretender" (to intend, to plan); it means fingir.
realize - not "realizar" (to carry out, to make come true, to accomplish); it means notar, perceber, se dar conta.
record - not "recordar" (to remember, to recall); it means gravar disco, gravação, registro.
legend - not "legenda" (subtitle); it means lenda.
genial - not "genial" (brilliant); it means afável, aprazível.
balcony - not "balcão" (counter); it means sacada.
anticipate - not "antecipar" (to bring forward, to move forward); it means prever, aguardar, ficar na expectativa.
actual - not "atual" (present, current); it means real, verdadeiro.
service - not "serviço" (job); it means atendimento.
tax - not "taxa" (fee); it means imposto.
lamp - not lâmpada (light, bulb); it means abajur.
intend - not "entender" (understand); it means pretender.
sensible - not "sensível" (sensitive); it means sensato.
novel - not "novela" (soap opera); it means romance (livro).

Sunday, 18 October 2009


concourse - not "concurso" (contest); a large area in an airport or railway station where people can walk;

confer - not "conferir" in the sense of "checar" (check); give authority, a legal right, or an honour to somebody;

disgrace - not "desgraça" (tragedy); embarrassment, humiliation, indignity;

particular - not "particular" as in "aula particular" (private); among other meanings: someone who is particular has very clear ideas about what they like and dislike and wants everything to be exactly as they like it; (Example: Mr. Drew is known for being very particular.)

pavement - not "pavimento" (floor); the same as "sidewalk" (USA); a path with a hard surface beside a road;

sympathetic - not "simpático" (friendly); kind to someone who has a problem and willing to understand how they feel;

ultimately - not "ultimamente" (lately); after a process or activity has ended; (Example: Technological advances could ultimately lead to even more job losses.)

valour - not "valor" (value) the quality of being very brave, especially in war

These are just a few. Let´s enlarge the list!!!!