Thursday, 29 October 2009

False friends

Pilot - not "piloto de Fórmula 1" (driver); someone who operates the controls of an aircraft or spacecraft;
To attend - not "atender" (answer); be present at an event such as a meeting or a class;
To pretend - not "pretender" (intend); to behave as if something is true when in fact you know it is not; in order to deceive people or for fun;
Sensible - not "sensível" (sensitive); reasonable, pratical and showing good judgment;
Actually - not "atualmente" (currently); in fact; really; in reality;
College - not "colégio" (school); university
To assign - not "assinar" (sign); to choose or decide on, or give a particular job or responsability to someone.

1 comment:

  1. It´s incredible the number of times I´ve seen people use "to attend" the wrong way. Good one to mention!