Tuesday, 27 October 2009

False Friends

inhabitable - not "inabitável" (uninhabitable); it means habitável.
ingenuous - not "ingênuo" (naive); it means engenhoso.
library - not "livraria" (bookstore); it means biblioteca.
scholar - not "escolar" (school); it means erudito.
comprehensive - not "compreensivo" (understanding); it means abrangente, amplo, extenso.
eventually - not "eventualmente" (ocasionally); it means finalmente, conseqüentemente.
injury - not "injúria" (insult); it means ferimento, lesão.
pretend - not "pretender" (to intend, to plan); it means fingir.
realize - not "realizar" (to carry out, to make come true, to accomplish); it means notar, perceber, se dar conta.
record - not "recordar" (to remember, to recall); it means gravar disco, gravação, registro.
legend - not "legenda" (subtitle); it means lenda.
genial - not "genial" (brilliant); it means afável, aprazível.
balcony - not "balcão" (counter); it means sacada.
anticipate - not "antecipar" (to bring forward, to move forward); it means prever, aguardar, ficar na expectativa.
actual - not "atual" (present, current); it means real, verdadeiro.
service - not "serviço" (job); it means atendimento.
tax - not "taxa" (fee); it means imposto.
lamp - not lâmpada (light, bulb); it means abajur.
intend - not "entender" (understand); it means pretender.
sensible - not "sensível" (sensitive); it means sensato.
novel - not "novela" (soap opera); it means romance (livro).


  1. So many "false friends" and I didn't realize that ingenuous means engenhoso. I thought it was really naive.
    What a surprise!

  2. God you guys really put a long list together.But inhabitable is one that I bet most people will be unfamiliar with. Congrats!

  3. It would be so nice if we didn´t have these false friends to get us mixed up

  4. Some of them are really tricky, like novel, especially for Brazilian people, since we watch so many soap operas.
    Yuri Hennies.

  5. I wish I could remember at least 50% of those in the near future.
    Andrea Drewanz

  6. It comes in very handy to know all these. I hope to never be fooled by a false friend.
    Eduardo Gelli

  7. Thank you all for this amazing blog that helps us to learn every time a little bit more about English.

    Henrique Monsanto Pohl

  8. Im enjoying this opportunity to take part in the project! This is a kind of thing we wouldn´t learn in the classroom!

    Thank You
    Rodrigo Brito =]