Wednesday, 28 October 2009

False Friends

Collar- not ''cordão'';it really means ''gola de camisa''

not ''condescendente'';it means treating someone as if you are better or more important than them.''I hate he way he's so condescending to his staff''.

Actually- not ''atualmente''.It means in fact or really.''So what actually happened?''

Ordinary- not ''ordinário''.It means not different or special or unexpected in anyway;usual.''Readers of the magazine said they wanted more stories about ordinary people and fewer stories about rich and famous''.

Compromise- not ''compromisso''(commitment).It really means ''entrar em acordo''

Lunch- not ''lanche''(snack);it means ''almoço''

Pretend- not ''pretender''; it means to behave as if something is true when you know it's not:''He pretended (that) he didn't mind,but I knew that he did''

Novel- not ''novela'',it means ''romance''(livro)

Exquisite- not ''esquisito'';it means beautiful and well done


  1. Great guys!!I'm really proud of you!

  2. Very nice. You had really nice ideas. I can see that some of the words you learned in Plus 5. I am very sure that very few people will be familiar with condescending.

  3. Hi guys,

    We teachers are very proud of you and grateful for the time and effort you put into OUR blog.

    Great lists of false cognates! Useful for all levels.


  4. Very often we are taken by surprise with these tricky words We don´t know and We have to learn them, because they´re useful and demonstrate good knowledge in the language ! Pedro Otávio.

  5. I didn't know condescending doesn't mean condescendente.
    Amanda Resende

  6. And how do you say "condescendente" in English?
    It's lenient.
    Andrea Drewanz