Monday, 16 November 2009

Idioms with animals

Have ants in your pants
- to not be able to keep still because you are very excited or worried about something:
She's got ants on her pants because she's going to a party tonight.

Be busy as a bee- be very busy or very active.
She's as busy as a bee,always going to meeting and organizing parties.

Have butterflies (in stomach)- to feel very nervous,ussually about sometinhg you are going to do.
She has butterflies in her stomach as she walked out onto the stage.

Monkey see, monkey do- silly or unintelligent people tend to copy each other's actions.
Our one-year-old is saying bad words now. I told my husband, "Monkey see, monkey do!"


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  2. Personally, we think it's really interesting to learn new idioms.We feel psyched out using them.
    Caroline Silveira and Mariana Pouchucq.

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  4. Thanks sooooo much for this!!!
    I'd never ever ever ever...find this.
    That really made my day!
    dude, you blowed my mind, now I know who'd I thank!

    You made writing idioms effortlessness!!!

    Felipe Pouchucq, Donato Pellegrini and Frederico Taves

  5. Dude, That was something uncommon we saw, and thanks for that, that will make a upgrade in my english, because we don't learn this everyday in the school or in some course!
    Awesome topic, nice work man!

    Igor Tawan