Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The lion's share - The biggest part of something.

My lips are sealed - Something you say to let someone know that you will not tell anyone else what they have just told you.

Back the wrong horse - To support a person or thing that fails.
Ex: It was only after we'd invested all the money that we discovered we'd been backing the wrong horse.

Be pleased to see the back - To be pleased when someone leaves or when something ends because you did not like them.
Ex: She was an absolute pain when she stayed at us and we were both really pleased to see the back of her.

Be as busy as a bee - To be very busy or very active.

A slap on the wrist - A warning or punisment that is not severe.

Cost an arm and a leg - To be very expensive.
Ex: These opera tickets costs us an arm and a leg.

Pay through the nose - To pay too much for something.
Ex: If you want a decent wine, you have to pay through the nose for it.

Keep the wolf from the door - To have enough money to be able to eat and live.
Ex: Forty percent of the country's population receive part-time wages that barely keep the wolf from the door.

Fight like cat and dog - to argue violently all the time .

When pigs flies - something that you say which means you think there is no chance at all of something happening .

Keep someone's head - Remain calm, in control.

Your heart bleeds - if your heart bleeds for someone who is in trouble, you feel sadness and sympathy for them.
Ex: My heart bleeds for the poor children caught up in the fighting.

A bird-brain - a stupid person.
Ex: He's just a bird-brain - he can't get anything right.


  1. I hope you guys keep your head in the mock tonight.
    Much love

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  3. Well folks, When we will be asked about our routine during the week, we can say that we are as busy as a bee....I loved that one!

  4. Even when I'm 'busy as a bee'I come here to find out what's new. It is a great way to learn what books don't tell us.

    Love it! =D