Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Talking to Kate, I realized she was a pain in the neck because she was only speaking about politics. (to be annoying)

We're organizing a hen party for Luiza this weekend. She'll love it!
(a party for women, happening only before getting married)

Mary is not a trustworthy person, she always lets the cat out of the bag. (reveal a secret)

Could you give me a hand? I can't use this computer. (help)

I had the answer to that question as it was on the tip of my tongue. (I knew the answer for sure)

I have butterflies in my stomach. (I am very nervous)

When my mother saw what I had been doing, I got egg on my face. (to be made to look stupid)

The show was so crowded that people were shoulder to shoulder from the beginning to the end! (in close proximity; side by side)

John said he was about to get on stage, so I said to him: "Break a leg!" (good luck)

You cannot hand that report to your boss. It is a dog's dinner. (messy, not properly done)

The main step is to be young at heart. ( still feel young)


  1. i got really surprised by this post. There were only two of them i did know...

    "egg on my face?" So funny!

  2. Hey Chris! Just stumbled across this blog! Will you remember me? Daniel Oliveira, I was your student around 2000. I don't have a blog but I'm on facebook as Dan Oliveira. I missed you over the years! Hope your doing fine.